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IQ Option are one of the largest, and fastest growing, binary options and forex (FX) brokers trading at present – find out why here.
CFD, Forex and Bitcoin
Here are some of the key details about IQ Option.

Demo Account – Yes. Available to anyone via the demo login. No time limit and balance can be reset as often as required.
Minimum Deposit – $10
Minimum trade – $1 (Maximum trader variable)
Signals service – Yes, provided within trading platform.
Bonus details – None. CySec moved to end the practise of deposit match bonuses and as a regulated broker, IQ no longer offer a deposit bonus.
Mobile App – Yes. IQ provide an excellent mobile trading app. These are covered in more detail below.

An FX option allows a trader to go higher or lower on an asset’s price – but they can choose their own strike price. The payout %’s range from -100% (where the trader loses the total amount of that single trade) up to 2000% or greater where the price moves significantly.
They offer multiple kinds of trades:

Binary Options – The basic binary option. Will the asset rise in value, or fall? The expiry times on offer with these has grown. Now traders can select from 15 minutes up to end of day, week or even month. font binary options Options are however no longer available to retail traders within the EEA, only professionals.

Turbo – Exactly like a traditional binary option, but with short expiry times. Turbo options are usually available in one minute levels, from 1 minute, up to 5 minutes.

Forex – Traditional foreign exchange, offering per pip payouts. The forex windows offer different leverage levels and competitive spreads. Forex markets mean weekend trading is now available.

CFD – IQ Option offer direct access to some markets via contracts for difference. These include the latest range of cryptocurrency markets, iamfx binary options including Bitcoin and Ethereum, among others.
IQ have led the way in making crypto trading available to retail traders. They offer trading on a huge range of cryptocurrencies, including the larger, most traded assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. These assets are available to trade as CFDs, or using traditional Forex models.

Non-EU traders can also trade crypto another way too – using Crypto Multipliers. These are effectively the same as using leverage, so accelerate profit or loss rapidly. There is a Bitcoin x 100 market for example, where the underlying price is multiplies by 100 – increasing volatility and the potential for profit or loss. This market proved so popular that IQ Option have added similar products on other leading cryptos, with a range of multipliers, from x20, to x50 up to x100.

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